THE alternative to the disc spring stack

More than 30 years ago, RÖHRS developed a new spring arrangement consisting of flat wire coil springs screwed into one another. The "HELICODISC®" brand was developed and protected for this spring arrangement.

Since the 1980s, Röhrs has been successfully marketing spring assemblies of the "HELICODISC®" brand. They are therefore tried and tested machine elements that often replace the well-known layered disc spring stack. The uninterrupted fiber flow of the starting material increases the service life and reduces the risk of breakage of the springs of the "HELICODISC®" brand. In principle, the characteristic curve of each column of disc springs can be implemented using a “HELICODISC®” brand spring. The increase in force is proportional to the spring deflection, since only bending stress occurs in the spring steel strip.

Freigestellte Nahaufnahme einer Schraubentellerfeder

The decisive advantages of the RÖHRS HELICODISC®:

  • One-piece component, no disintegration into individual parts
  • Easy, cost-saving installation and maintenance
  • Extremely high spring force with a minimal outer diameter and small hysteresis
  • No erroneous diagram influence due to incorrect stratification and fat influence
  • Long service life due to production from strip material with uninterrupted fiber flow
  • High level of operational reliability, since no spring deflection is lost in the event of a spring break, which means that the spring force remains almost unchanged
  • Characteristic curve can be implemented according to customer requirements
  • No mandrel or sleeve friction, as a continuous spring guide is not required if the spring stiffness is appropriate
  • High resistance to negative environmental influences and extreme temperature fluctuations
  • Even small series can be produced economically for each mounting frame

HELICODISC® brand powerhouse

4-fold screwed coil spring power pack. Used, for example, in hydrogen fuel cells with high energy density (satellite space travel / submarines).


  • Extremely high spring force with a minimal outer diameter  Example: With an outer diameter of 18 mm, a spring force of 10 kN is achieved and with an outer diameter of 23 mm, a spring force of 25 kN.
  • Characteristic curve can be implemented according to customer requirements
  • Maximum service life and operational reliability
  • Easy to assemble as it is a one-piece component
  • Small hysteresis, minimal wear

Application examples

HELICODISC® are used across all sectors as a substitute for disc spring stacks. Wherever high forces are required with a small stroke and small installation space.

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