Quality is the be-all and end-all at RÖHRS

RÖHRS ensures that the product properties of the manufactured springs meet customer requirements and the highest quality standards.

Our goal is the optimal application for the customer. We ensure this through a meticulous incoming goods inspection, continuous process monitoring (taking into account all defined parameters such as length, force, stroke, temperature, etc.), the simulation of application conditions and extensive, strict and complex quality tests.

Our large in-house testing laboratory has an exceptionally large number of the most modern measuring machines such as tension-compression testing machines, a torsion testing machine, an optical geometry measuring system, microscopes and much more. We also offer individual tests for specific inquiries.

Our quality thinking begins with the selection of the materials. These must meet the strictest quality regulations. In the design and development phase, extensive analyzes of our products (initial sample and service life tests, gauge tests, etc.) follow. Before the products are delivered, we carry out a final, production-independent quality control. The tests at RÖHRS take place optically, statically and, if desired, dynamically. Depending on the customer's requirements, they are carried out on a random basis, as an endurance test under laboratory conditions or as an individual test of each individual spring.

The minimum requirement at RÖHRS is: Each batch of springs is statistically tested and receives a 3.1 certificate.

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