Company founded by engineer Hermann Röhrs in Magdeburg


Dr. Werner Röhrs takes over management of the company as a personally liable partner; Development of basic patents for springs with the highest vibration loads


Destruction of Magdeburg and the factory by bombing; Magdeburg becomes the Soviet occupation zone


New start in the Allgäu under license from the American military authorities in Blaichach as "Süddeutsche Autogen-Gesellschaft Dr. Werner Röhrs K.G."


Death of company founder Herrmann Röhrs in Magdeburg



Construction of a new factory in Sonthofen on Oberstdorfer Straße and resumption of the production of springs subjected to vibrations in the new home



Test facility for ski lifts and functionally important cable car accessories with the company's own tow lift in Oberstaufen


Construction of the first dynamic testing machine for the testing and further development of suddenly accelerated springs in the Allgäu


Entry of Dr. Konstanze Koepff-Röhrs into the company


Death of Dr. Werner Röhrs; Dr. Konstanze Koepff-Röhrs takes over the management in the 3rd generation. Under her leadership, development of system solutions for general mechanical engineering (e.g. helical disc springs, spring combinations)


Dr. Philipp Koepff joins the company as managing director in the 4th generation


Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Horsthofer joins the company as managing director

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