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Cleaning spirals

Cleaning spirals are used within the heat-exchange unit of modern bio-mass burning heating-devices.

The spiral will slow down the combustion gases in order to optimize the heat-exchange between the gas and the exchanger-tube Surface.

As the cleaning spiral combines two functions it also makes sure that dust and dirt are removed from the exchanger-tube surface in regular Intervalls by moving the spiral in linear direction.

Due to the fact that the gas temperature of modern systems can rise to 800°C there is a need to rise the chemical stability of those parts to it´s maximum to prevent them from just getting burnt. To prevent the burning of the cleanign spirals we are offering the following materials:

  • ERCO 32 S for temperatures up to 500°C
  • ERCO 1813 for temperatures up to bis 850°C
  • ERCO 0969 for temperatures up to ab 850°C