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Towing Units

We manufacture one and two person towing units for cable lifts. Röhrs towing units are used on mountain ridges, glacial areas and ski-regions all over Europe.

Our product’s reliability as well as maintainability has been proven under all environmental conditions. We offer towing units with platters and t-bars. We deliver all towing units with handle bars variable in length from 0.6-1.5 m.

We provide our customers a professional, fast and reliable support-service concerning our products. Due to our large and well-assorted spare parts inventory we are able to guarantee a fast delivery of spare parts at all times.

Product features:
•Maintenance-free and cost-efficient due to oil-dynamic brake
•Highest ride comfort. Smooth and hitchless acceleration up to lift speed due to optimal hitchless start up
•Easy and low-cost assembly due to only one single binding screw for all frame components
•Non-return device allows change of towrope without disassembly of the towing unit
•Operating safety and high resistance concerning atmospheric conditions even at extreme variations in temperature and weather due to a constant adhesion factor of the brake
•The design of the t-bars offers a comfortable ride for skiers and snowboarders alike
•Environment-friendly and low noise level
•Inspection and change of the towing rope can take place directly at the wire-rope without opening the towing unit
•T-bars and platters are exchangable at all times
•Possible combinations of all towing units with various wire diameters and wire-rope clips


Typ Number of carried persons t-bar and/or platter Weight of whole towing unit
RÖ 2000* 1 platter 18,3-20,7 kg
RÖ 10 1-2 t-bar / platter 23,0-26,6 kg

*Under certain conditions two persons can be carried by the towing unit RÖ 2000 as well. Please contact us for further Details.