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Multi-wire springs are made of wire strands with various strand structures and are put to use as compression, torsion, tension and form springs.

From a technical point of view, Roehrs multi-wire springs are highly sophisticated products and are used in case single-wire springs made of round, flat or square wire could fail due to highly dynamic frequencies and high-impulse stresses or could not guarantee the operational safety. Due to the strand structure, multi-wire springs display increased spring loads and reduced torsion stresses at high deflections compared to single-wire springs.

The tensile stresses in the cross-section of the wire significantly counteract the torsion stresses which would normally destroy the spring and lead to an increased damping effect.

The essential advantages at a glance:
•Absorption of high impact velocities and peak loads
•Absorption of high dynamic frequencies
•Excellent damping features
•Optimization of damping and gliding features as well as durability by means of thermoplastic coating
•Optimum utilization of material in the cross section of the wire strand by converting torsion into tensile stresses
•High operational safety, as the spring force is virtually unaffected by breakages within the strand
•High deflections possible, even given small outer diameters
•Flat spring characteristic, increasing progressively when close to solid length