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Flat wire compression springs

Compression springs made from flat wire - wound to the spring axis - offer the advantage of higher energy absorption at the same installation space compared to round wire compression springs. Furthermore, flat wire compression springs are more resistant to buckling and will encounter less friction martensite at high frequencies– unlike round wire compression springs, where the life expectancy is reduced. Our in-house rolling mills allow us to roll and process high-quality spring steels to the specific wire profiles our customers need. By choosing the right wire profile and spring dimensions, both linear and progressive characteristics can be realized.

Our compression springs are used in countless applications and cover the widest range of technical standards. For every application, we design the ideal profile and the ideal spring geometry, and select the appropriate raw material based on the load and environmental conditions. We can guarantee our customers the highest quality of our products by means of design, production techniques and raw materials.

The benefits include:
•Reduced spring length up to 50% with the same spring travel
•Minimization of the housing due to shorter solid length of the spring
•Higher spring force
•Applicable in limited radial and axial installation spaces
•Cost-effective production without tool costs
•Insensitivity of the spring concerning overload due to pressing to solid length and efficient usage of spring travel almost to solid length