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Helical Disk Springs

HELICODISC® - helical disc springs

Already more than 30 years ago Röhrs developed a new spring assembly consisting of helical springs made of flat wire and screwed into each other. For this spring assembly the brand names “SCHRAUBENTELLERFEDER®” and "HELICODISC®" have been created and protected.
Since the 1980s Röhrs has been successfully selling spring assemblies of this brand on the market. Thus they are proven and tested machine components which in many cases replace the common multi-layer disc spring assembly. The uninterrupted gain structure of the raw material leads to an increased durability and reduces the risk of breakage of the HELICODISC® helical disc springs. In principle, the characteristics of any inversely layered disc spring assembly can be realized with a helical disc spring. The load increase is proportional to the deflection since there appears only bending stress in the spring steel.

The essential advantages:

  • Single component design, no breakup into individual parts
  • Simple, cost-saving assembly and maintenance
  • Extremely high spring load at a minimum outer diameter and a low hysteresis
  • No erroneous diagram results caused by incorrect layering or grease influence
  • High durability due to the use of strip steel with uninterrupted grain structure
  • High operational safety due to stable spring loads even in case of breakage (no loss of deflection)
  • Spring characteristics can be designed according to customers' requirements
  • No friction at mandrel or sleeve due to the fact that the stiffness of the spring allows to dispense with any guidance
  • High resistance to negative environmental conditions and extreme temperature variations
  • Economical producibility for all applications, also in small quantities

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